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Hearty Gluten Free Pancakes with Goats Cheese and Steamed Pumpkin

These delicious pancakes can be eaten as a nice lunch treat, but serve just as well for breakfast with banana‚Äôs, date and cinnamon. Ingredients for 2 people…

How To Balance Out Your Diet + Yummie Detox Recepie

It is almost impossible, especially for us women to stick to a constant low calorie diet. Now, I am not at all for counting calories too much, however, in order to stay slim…

New Article in Awakenings Middle East Magazine

I just wrote a new article in the new awakenings magazine, check it out by clicking on the image.

Cooking Your Own Healthy Meals & Eating Out

Whenever clients come to me for a weight-loss program or with a demand for a healthier way of eating…

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